Triple Crossing WC Clever Girl IPA

Brewery: Triple Crossing
Name: WC Clever Girl IPA
Brewery Location:
ABV: 6%
Serving Size: 10oz
Description: West Coast Clever Girl label West Coast Clever Girl Triple Crossing IPA - American TOTAL (?) 615 UNIQUE (?) 565 MONTHLY (?) 148 YOU 0 6% ABV No IBU (4.02) 505 Ratings AddCheck-in Our alternate flagship IPA, if we had more than one, takes shape for this run as a West Coast IPA. Brewed with the same grist and dry hop schedule, but with the focus on adjusting our water chemistry, kettle hopping, and the use of our favorite clean American Ale yeast, we wanted this one clean, bright, and crisp. ⁣ ⁣ This beer illustrates our exploration of a style that used to be everyone’s first real beer. We’ve even heard tell that in a certain Southern California city back in the early 00’s that ordering a “beer” meant IPA, and not any other style. We’d like to think this iteration of Clever Girl would have fit right in.⁣

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