Crooked Crab Furious George Hefeweizen

Brewery: Crooked Crab
Name: Furious George Hefeweizen
Brewery Location: Odenton, MD
ABV: 5.6%
Serving Size: 16oz
Description: Furious George is a light-weight champion of monkey knife fighting who packs a punch of fruity flavor. Brewed with a base of pilsner and malted white wheat and hopped lightly with Huell Melon. Fermented aggressively with a traditional German Hefeweizen yeast at a temperature higher than our typical ales in order to promote the production of isoamyl acetate, which smells and tastes like banana! Flavors and aromas of yellow Laffy Taffy, banana pudding, light honeydew melon, and just a hint of clove.

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